The Future Of Tennis Is All About The Curve!

Curvstar racket 1

Let’s take a step into our time machines and travel back into the 12th century where historians say tennis originated. Back then the sport was a bit different than what we see today. One of the biggest changes between the times was the equipment. Players in those days used their own hands, and as you can imagine, that would become strenuous. Like everything in the universe, the sport has evolved with the times. Soon tennis players were no longer using their hands and started using rackets made of wood. Then in 1967, Wilson Sporting Goods produced metal rackets that were lighter and had more strength. Not long after, the graphite rackets that we are familiar with today had come to the court.

In the current state of tennis, racket producers are consistently thinking of new ways to improve our weapon of choice. They have become lighter, stronger, and even smarter, but the framework has not changed much. However, the future of tennis might look a whole lot more curvy wervy. Former Tennis Pro Thomas Emmrich designed a new racket with his daughter Manuela. Manuela is a former NCAA champion. The newest innovation the Emmrich family is bringing to the sport, is Curvstar.

Darren Cahill

I first learned about Curvstar a month ago when I saw this tweet from Darren Cahill. As soon as I saw the unique structure, I knew I wanted one! We like to be unique around here, and this certainly looked the part.

So what exactly is Curvstar? I’m so glad you asked. While traditional rackets have a straight extended handle, the Curvstar’s handle curves. This ergonomic curve compliments the hand in a more natural way. With this new alignment, it benefits the wrist and elbow and prevents injury in those areas. The team at Curvstar have worked extensively with sports health professionals and engineers to create this prototype.  Aside from aiding injury, it can also be an asset to your game. As you will soon see from their Kickstarter, the racket creates spin and slice, easier volleys, faster serves and better control on lower shots. I can’t forget to mention, it’s approved by the International Tennis Federation. Thomas Emmrich used one of the prototypes and won the European Doubles Championship!

Curvstar 2

Now, how can you get one? You know you want one! I can practically see it on your faces. Curvstar just launched their Kickstarter earlier this week. You, and your tennis loving friends can help them take their innovation to the mass public. On their Kickstarter you will find available pledge packages, and a complete information guide about everything you’d want to know. They do a terrific job outlining the development process behind this project with lots of illustrations. There is also a video where Manuela herself shows you the racket in action.

For all the information visit their Kickstarter, as well as their Facebook and Twitter account!

Personally, I think this is a really cool looking racket. I was excited when I first saw it, and I’m excited to promote it here on The Traveling Fan Girl. I want to congratulate Curvstar and wish them luck!

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-Courtney Massey